Run strong our friends Weekly
Getting a little tired of locking down? Get out and run (if you can). 
Hopefully we've got some entertainment for you below in addition to 2 podcasts this week.
Who says races aren't going on? Podcast guest Michael Wardian won the Quarantine Backyard Ultra in controversial fashion and a new cannonball run record was set for driving across America.
Who is the Greatest American Distance Runner of All-Time?
Shorter? Rodgers? Samuleson? Lagat? Kastor? You ultimately will decide. The 1st round of voting is in the books and Billy Mills pulled the upset. 
The Amazing Story Of How Jarrion Lawson Cleared His Name: He Showed That The Head Of A WADA Lab Provided False Testimony Against Him
Lawson did something only Jesse Owens had done and then was facing a ban from the sport. has everything you need to perform at your best and try and stay healthy. They're sending LRC their Immunity boosting packs. They got Maurten, a new Airofit device, supplements and much more. Go to to see all their products and use code LETSRUN to save 15%.
I Was Bored, So I Went Back and Watched the 1998 NCAA Cross Country Championships
Goucher, Lagat, and Abdi. You can watch it yourself if you have 22 minutes or just get a quick humorous overview.
Emma Coburn and Evan Jager don't like it.

3 Thoughts On The World Athletics Championships in Eugene Being Rescheduled to July 15-24, 2022
At age 45, has Wardian found his unbeatable event - the Backyard Ultra? After running 262+ miles over 63 hours without any sleep, Wardian proceeded to go to work. As of 5 pm Wednesday, he'd slept a total of 4:45 since Saturday morning.
Our normal weekly pod with guest Michael Joyner talking about his background in running helped prepare him for the COVID fight.
800m Star, Youtuber, RunGum CEO Nick Symmonds Podcast + Balcony and Backyard Marathons Ranked
Listen to the best track and field running podcast on the planet.
How is his team dealing with no school?!
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