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What a legendary week. First, we recorded podcasts with Chris Solinsky and Jim Ryun. Next, Ryun and fellow newly-crowned American distance GOAT Deena Kastor answered your questions on the LetsRun messageboard. And yesterday, Dathan Ritzenhein announced his retirement at the age of 37.
Ritz Retires
Dathan Ritzenhein Hangs ‘Em Up: We Pick Our 5 Favorite Moments from His Career
From his two Foot Locker titles to his NCAA XC duel with Ryan Hall to his 12:56 and World Half bronze as a pro, we take a look at Ritz's greatest hits.
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David Monti of Race Results Weekly recaps Ritz's career.
Running Legends Talk to
Podcast: We Talk To Jim Ryun After Naming Him The Greatest American Distance Runner of All-Time
Ryun talks about his entire career, including making the Olympics and running sub-4 in HS, breaking the WR as a college frosh (and meeting his wife on the same day), winning Olympic silver, getting tripped in '72, and much more including what his relationship with Alan Webb and Matthew Centrowitz is like.
Does Jim regret his tactics at the '68 Olympics? Which race does Deena wish she could re-run? How far can Deena punt a football? All asked and answered on
Solinsky reveals the best shape of his life came in 2011, not 2010 when he ran his historic 26:59. Plus he shares his vision for the Florida Gator distance program and tells areally cool story about how Eliud Kipchoge was genuinely happy for him when Solinsky broke 13:00 for the first time.
26:59! How Chris Solinsky Transformed a “Glorified Tempo” Into an All-Time Upset and Performance
Last week marked the 10-year anniversary of Solinsky's 26:59 American record in the 10,000 meters. Jonathan Gault takes a deep dive into the race: how Solinsky prepared, what he was thinking with a lap to go, and how the race lit the fuse of the Alberto Salazar-Jerry Schumacher rivalry.
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I Was Bored, So I Watched the 1983 World Cross Country Championships
Jonathan Gault's weekly lookback at classic races journeys to a time when America was a cross country superpower, the world's best runners ran cross country, and a guy named Bekele was the best XC runner in the world. Alberto Salazar, Miruts Yifter, Pat Porter, Steve Jones, Rob de Castella, and Alberto Cova were among the stars in a men's race that saw the top four finishers separated by just one second.
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Jones' dream was to finish her collegiate career by wearing the Colorado singlet at the 2020 Olympic Trials. After the coronavirus scrapped those plans, the four-time NCAA champ is going pro and will stay in Boulder to be coached by Joe Bosshard.
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