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Could we have track & field again in August?
Considering we've gone two months and counting without real track meets, this was a pretty busy week in the pro track world. Nick Willis and Mary Cain signed as full-time employees with Tracksmith, shaking up the traditional athlete-sponsor model. The Diamond League announced its revised schedule, with the season tentatively kicking off in Monaco on August 14. Texas high schooler Ryan Schoppe ran a 4:00.78 mile -- in a time trial. And we recorded two podcasts this week, including a great one with American women's GOAT Deena Kastor that earned a rave review from Des Linden.
Breaking Down the Big Three
Ritz vs. Webb vs. Hall – Who Was Better? A Pseudo-Scientific Breakdown
With Dathan Ritzenhein, Alan Webb, and Ryan Hall all now retired, Jonathan Gault determines which one had the best career.
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Our regular midweek pod returned, featuring a six-day-old baby, Ted Ginn Jr. lying about beating Usain Bolt, and Rojo's rant.

And yes, we tackled the Ritz vs. Webb vs. Hall debate as well, in audio format.
The GOAT Chats With
The Deena Kastor Podcast
LRC visitors recently voted Kastor, the US marathon record holder at 2:19:36, as the greatest women's US distance runner in history. Kastor talks about her amazing career that saw her go from being a pro on a gear-only contract to one thrilled to be making $12,000 a year to an Olympic medallist and US record holder.
The Week In Running
Q&A: Nick Willis on Signing With Tracksmith, Skateboarding, & Why the Olympic Standard Freeze Helps Him
On the same day Willis announced he had signed with Tracksmith, he spoke with LetsRun about why now was the right time to try something new, how he hopes to push the sport forward in his new role, and his quest to make a fifth Olympic team at age 38.

"It's not a traditional nine-to-five. It's project-based and they'll give myself flexibility to also focus on my training. But I want to prove myself. I want to show that I'm worthy of this...It's fun starting at the bottom again."
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The revised season -- which won't feature DL points or a DL final -- is set to run August 14 through October 17. The Prefontaine Classic is scheduled for October 4, but the University of Oregon hasn't cleared the use of Hayward Field yet.
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Throwback Thursday #6: 2003 Worlds Men's Steeple
‘What He Has Done Is Sell Out Our Country"
One week before the 2003 Worlds, the planet's best runner, Stephen Cherono, changed his name to Saif Saaeed Shaheen and switched nationality from Kenya to Qatar. The steeplechase final pit Shaheen against his brother Abraham (still angry over the move) and a young Ezekiel Kemboi and culminated with a thrilling home-straight duel. Jonathan Gault takes you through it all.
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