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Thank you, London
October 4, 2020.

Save the date. Circle it on the calendar. Set your alarm. Do whatever you have to do, because you're not going to want to miss the 2020 London Marathon.

The coronavirus has taken so much from so many that it feels trivial to be celebrating anything right now. Even yesterday's announcement that London would go forward with an elite-only race on a loop course in St. James's Park was tinged with sadness; for the thousands of everyday runners who won't be getting an elite bib, their biggest race of the year was just cancelled.

But for the first time in months, we have a massive, meaningful showdown to get excited about. There's nothing virtual about this. The only two men in history to have broken 2:02 in the marathon, Eliud Kipchoge and Kenenisa Bekele, will race a marathon against each other, live and in person on October 4 in London. Under normal circumstances, Kipchoge vs. Bekele is a matchup the distance running world would be salivating over. But in a year in which almost every race of meaning has been taken from us, getting to see two of history's greatest distance runners square off in a major marathon feels extra special -- as if the restaurant is almost out of food and wine, but the one dish they have left is the $70 filet mignon.

So rejoice, and prepare for a London Marathon unlike any other. Only 58 days to go.
On Makes a Big Move
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NCAA champs and Wisconsin grads Olli Hoare and Alicia Monson are also in the group. Read about how it all came together here.
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Great Stuff for You to Watch/Listen to this Weekend
Running’s D-Day Podcast As London Marathon, 2020 NCAA Cross Country Decisions Expected
Rojo, Wejo, and Jonathan Gault ponder the future of running this fall. Plus Wejo reports on his XC race from last week and praise for Donavan Brazier & Josh Kerr. The guys also debate whether Brazier or Lopez Lomong would win in a fight.
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In case you missed our podcast with Chelimo last week, we recapped the highlights in this article. The Olympic silver medalist discusses his beginnings in the sport, his rivalry with Lopez Lomong, why he once missed two drug tests, & much more.
Tom Ratcliffe and Becky Paige, who teamed up for the terrific Bannister: Everest on the Track, have reunited for The Stand, which aims to tell the definitive story of Smith and Carlos' protest on the Olympic 200m medal stand in 1968. *Stream The Stand on Amazon
Running Potpourri
I Ran a Real Race with Real People, and It Was Glorious
Believe it or not there is actual racing going on in a former COVID-19 hotspot: Connecticut. Wejo has a boots-on-the-ground report.
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We know the 100/200 will be doable, but what about the 200/400? The 1500/5000? The (gulp)...100/400? We break them all down and propose a few easy solutions. World Athletics, are you paying attention? A few tweaks could make the schedule much more athlete-friendly.
*MB: What doubles are doable in Tokyo? LRC tells you and offers some simple changes
In his first 800 in 304 days, the 2019 world champ split 50.80 for the first lap and 53.04 for the 2nd last week.
Hear what mile legends Alan Webb, Matthew Centrowitz, Seb Coe, and Steve Cram had to say about Jim Ryun when he was honored with the highest US civilian honor last week.
TBT #17
I Was Bored, So I Watched the 1993 World Championship 5,000
In one of distance running's greatest efforts, Kenya's Ismael Kirui ran 13:02 from the front to hold off Haile Gebrselassie and avenge his brother's controversial Olympic defeat to Khalid Skah.
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Attention High School Runners
Want to Get Faster? Will Teach You How
"Summer miles lead to fall smiles." It's a cliche because it's true. The summer is a critical opportunity to put in the work that leads to breakout results in the fall, winter, and spring racing seasons.

Now with the help of, high school and college runners can make their dreams become reality. LetsRun's Robert Johnson (2:23 marathon pb, 13 Ivy League team titles as Cornell distance coach), Weldon Johnson (28:06 10k pb, two-time Team USA member), and coaching guru John Kellogg are sharing their knowledge with the Summer Training Program. You'll get a customized 10-12 week training plan, helpful running tips, and exclusive discounts on shoes and gear. Click below to learn more.
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