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What will 2021 look like in the sport of running?

That's what we at LetsRun.com have spent this week trying to figure out.

A new year always brings plenty of change, considering professional sponsorship contracts traditionally expire on January 1. But there is far more change afoot than a few athletes trading uniforms. The forces that have transformed the sport over the past few years -- shoe technology, the COVID-19 pandemic -- didn't disappear when 2020 came to an end. Both will continue to have a major impact on the sport, which we address in this week's podcast and in an article on what the 2021 indoor track season will look like.

Whatever unfolds this year, we know one thing: LetsRun.com will be there to cover it -- and our forums will be open for you to debate it. So let's take a peek inside the crystal ball and see what 2021 has in store...

Photo courtesy Arkansas Track & Field
Here's What to Expect in 2021
Good News: There Will Be A 2021 Indoor Track Season But It Will Look Much Different Than Normal
College meets will be more exclusive than ever, and USA Indoors is very much up in the air. Thankfully Paul Doyle has stepped up and created the four-meet American Track League that will air on ESPN as he doenknow of a single college meet that will accept unattached athletes.
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Keeping Track of Pros Who Have Switched Sponsors in 2021
A number of pros are no longer being sponsored by Nike. A bunch of them, including Sandi Morris and Gesa Krause, have signed with Puma.
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Jonathan Gault broke the news that Hill, the 2015 US 5k champ is headed to Flagstaff, where he'll chase his first Olympic berth.
Podcast: 2021 Tokyo Olympic Predictions + Supershoes with Geoff Burns
We give some of our predictions for the 2021 (hopefully) Tokyo Olympic year. Plus we recap the Hakone Ekiden and talk all things shoes with Geoff Burns.
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The Best Gift for a Runner: LetsRun.com T-Shirt and Membership
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Other News of Note
Meet the LetsRun.com Poster Who Does Not Have a Super Hot Wife, A Sub-14 5k PR, or a Million-Dollar Job
We reveal the winners of our Marathon Project prediction contest.
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