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Here we were, expecting another quite week in the running world before the spring marathon and track seasons get going, and suddenly we were hit with half a dozen stories at once. Always seems to happen around this time of year...

It began with new Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill calling a press conference this morning to announce that pro sprinters are faster than NFL players.

"We all know it's true," he said, in a startling admission.

Then came the news that skipping will be added to the track & field program at the Olympics and World Championships in order to give track's best athletes more medal opportunities. If Michael Phelps can win eight gold medals at a single Olympics, Usain Bolt should be able to as well.

We've also got some news of our own. Beginning today, we'll be selling a new portable toilet, the Sedona Shitter, for runners who just have to go on the go. It should also ensure no team or group loses track privileges for a bathroom emergency ever again!

We've also got some new merchandise available in the LetsRun store and we end by issuing an apology for not acknowledging the reality about transgender athletes in women's elite sport.

Happy April 1 everybody!
Craziness Around the Track & Field World
Tyreek Hill Admits Pro Track Athletes Are Faster than NFL Players: “We All Know It’s True”
Jamaica has also enacted a new law that makes any unjustified comparisons to Usain Bolt a federal crime. "You can still say the name Usain Bolt," said Jamaican Attorney General Derrick McKoy. "He's not Voldemort. But if you deliberately make a bad-faith comparison based on some bogus 10-meter split, we're going to be coming for you."
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Introducing the Sedona Shitter – New Green Product for Runners Who Gotta Go
LetsRun.com is proud to release its first high-end performance running product, the Sedona Shitter. Pro groups are clamoring for it and it could take 4 minutes off the average hobby jogger's marathon time.
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Drink LMNT Free Trial is Baaaack!
It takes two minutes and you pay only $5 shipping. LMNT provides essential electrolytes without sugar, artificial ingredients, coloring, or any other junk. Claim your free 7-packet sample pack by going to DrinkLMNT.com/LetsRun

Wejo loves LMNT. He will personally refund your $5 if you don't like it.
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Skipping Becomes Official Track and Field – Diamond League, World Championship and Olympic Event
In attempts to modernize itself, skipping has been added as an official track and field event. It's something everybody does and can be done at street meets.
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TinMOM Elite and BURRITO Track Club Shirts Now For Sale at LetsRun.com
It's been way too long since we've unveiled a new design in the LetsRun.com store. Get your new instant classic now.
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We Were Wrong: Biological Males Don’t Have an Unfair Advantage in Women’s Sport
We got it wrong. It is obvious biological males should be allowed to compete in women's sport and don't have an advantage.
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