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Are you ready for the biggest weekend in the history of American marathoning?

Two days. Two of America's biggest marathons. Chicago. Boston. Hall. Rupp. Linden. Huddle. It's going to be awesome.

It's a bit mad that, after 101 weeks without a World Marathon Major on US soil, we suddenly get two in the same weekend. Chicago kicks things off on Sunday with Sara Hall and Galen Rupp leading the US contingent. They represent, respectively, America's best chance at a women's and men's major champion this fall.

One day later, it's Boston, which will be run outside the month of April for the first time in its 125-year history. And with a ton of uncertainty in the elite fields, it's anyone's guess as to who runs well there. Will Des Linden run well? Molly Huddle? Jordan Hasay? Who the hell knows?

Those are just a few reasons to tune in this weekend (and we haven't even gotten to the international fields yet!). And unlike Berlin or London, you don't have to set an alarm to rise at an ungodly hour on the weekends. Well, unless you live on the West Coast...

But we digress! It's going to be a busy, beautiful weekend on the streets of two of America's greatest cities and we can't wait to break it all down on LetsRun.com for you this weekend. And that starts right now, with our race previews. Read on...

Photo by Jane Monti/Race Results Weekly
Get Set for a Marathon Weekend Unlike Any Other
Ryan Hall Q&A: “For Sara, Winning the Chicago Marathon Would Be More Meaningful Than Setting an American Record”
Ryan is bullish on Sara's fitness heading into the 2021 Chicago Marathon - "She’s definitely done workouts that she’s never been able to do before and [she’s] super confident, feeling great" - but acknowledges the warmish forecast may take the AR off the table.
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2021 Chicago Marathon Preview: Sara Hall Chases Deena’s AR, Galen Rupp Doubles Back from Olympics, & a Very Shallow Women’s Field
We share our six biggest storylines with you and introduce you to the new men's favorite - Reuben Kipyego - whom we just learned was running the race this week.
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2021 Boston Marathon Preview: Quantity Over Quality, Des Linden v Molly Huddle, & Jordan Hasay’s Stockdale Paradox
It's been over 900 days since the last Boston Marathon and we get you ready for this year's race. Who are the top contenders? Who will be the top Americans? All of that and more.
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Can a Mouthpiece Make You a Better Runner? (Ad)
The AIRWAAV performance mouthpiece is a relatively new training tool that launched late in 2020 after nearly 16 years of research. The AIRWAAV performance mouthpiece fits along your bottom teeth and pushes your jaw just forward enough to create the "optimal airway opening," resulting in:
  • Increased endurance -- by reducing respiratory rate by 20%, resulting in less lactic acid production
  • Increased strength -- by improving muscular endurance
  • Faster recovery times -- by reducing cortisol buildup by up to 50%
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What Really Happened with the US Men’s 4×100 Team in Tokyo? And What Can Be Done to Fix it?
*Supporters Club subscription required* Would you be surprised to know that Wallace Spearmon, the man who ended up coaching the men's 4x100 team, did not even know he was going to be the coach when he arrived at the Olympics? With no relay camp, coaching uncertainty, and just two days of baton practice in Tokyo, is it any surprise that the US failed to make the Olympic final?
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