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Yes, we know DK Metcalf is racing the 100 at Mt. SAC this weekend. We're excited about it too. But that doesn't mean we should let one NFL star overshadow one of the best meets of the 2021 season so far.

Where to even begin? Noah Lyles vs. Kenny BednarekDonavan Brazier vs. Bryce Hoppel vs. Clayton Murphy? The return of Evan Jager? The steeple debut of Sean McGorty? There's a lot to talk about going into this weekend's USATF Golden Games and there will be even more to say on Sunday night once the results are in.

Get used to the feeling. There are six weekends remaining before the US Olympic Trials, and pretty much all of them will feature world-class track & field. There's the Sound Running Track Meet next weekend, then Diamond Leagues in Gateshead and Doha. Then it's NCAAs and the Trials a week later.

The only thing missing? Fans. Even as the vaccine is being rolled out successfully across America, there will be no fans at Mt. SAC this weekend and precious few -- if any -- at the Trials. We'll take meets without fans over the disjointed 2020 season, but the spring track season hasn't been the same -- and the Trials certainly won't be.
Blowout USATF Golden Games Preview
USATF Golden Games Preview: What A Meet!!! Brazier v Hoppel v Murphy, Lyles v Bednarek, Jager Returns, McGorty Debuts, & DK Metcalf
Another week, another loaded meet at a brand-new West Coast stadium. This time it's the USATF Golden Games at Mt. SAC, and it's filled with stars, from Sha'Carri Richardson to Shaunae Miller-Uibo, Elle Purrier to Molly Huddle, and many more.
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“10.5ish If He Has a Good Race” — Ato Boldon Assesses DK Metcalf’s 100-Meter Chances at the USATF Golden Games
The sprint guru and TV commentator extraordinaire thinks Metcalf, one of the fastest guys in the NFL, will get smoked on Sunday but gives him "immense credit" for showing up and racing the 100 this weekend at Mt. SAC.
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Can a Mouthpiece Make You a Better Runner? (Ad)
The AIRWAAV performance mouthpiece is a relatively new training tool that launched late in 2020 after nearly 16 years of research. The AIRWAAV performance mouthpiece fits along your bottom teeth and pushes your jaw just forward enough to create the "optimal airway opening," resulting in:
  • Increased endurance -- by reducing respiratory rate by 20%, resulting in less lactic acid production
  • Increased strength -- by improving muscular endurance
  • Faster recovery times -- by reducing cortisol buildup by up to 50%
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Who's On Track to Make the Olympics?
Which Americans Have the Olympic Standard Right Now? Who Would Get In On World Ranking? And How Do You Qualify For the Olympics, Again?
We give you a refresher on how one qualifies for the Olympics this year where a bigger emphasis has been put on world ranking. Want to know who is on track to make the US Trials? Check out the TrackTimes.run website.
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Which American Athletes Were Helped — And Hurt — the Most by the Olympic Postponement?
Athing Mu is certainly one of the athletes better-positioned to make the Olympic team in 2021 than she would have been in 2020. The opposite is true for Jenny Simpson. We run through some of the other athletes whose stock has risen -- or declined.
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42 Days Until the Olympic Trials
The Countdown to the Trials is Here Sponsored by On
42 days from today the Trials kick off in Eugene, Oregon and 93 days from today the Olympics will come to an end. If you’re looking for an up-and-coming group to root for, we’ve got you covered, as On is sponsoring our countdown to the Trials and Tokyo, and we’re going to be profiling some of the On athletes competing at the Trials and in Tokyo.
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