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We made it, people.

While we will have to wait another week for track & field, the 2020 Olympics have begun (in 2021); in fact, the Olympic ceremony should be going on right now (assuming you opened this email as soon as you got it -- you always do that, right?).

Josette Norris (3:59) and Colby Alexander (3:33) both ran really fast in California last week, but this week has been a quiet one in terms of track action with everyone's eyes turned toward Tokyo. Everyone, that is, except for Matthew Centrowitz, who will be taking a stab at Alan Webb's American mile record in Portland on Saturday night. That will have to tide you over until the big show begins in Japan next week. Get ready for nonstop Tokyo coverage. Previews, recaps, podcasts: we'll have it all.

Speaking of that...now is the perfect time to sign up to become a LetsRun.com Supporters' Club member. Membership comes with many perks, but chief among them is access to our daily podcasts from Tokyo, where we'll be analyzing all the action as only we can. It's $9.99/month or $99/year (includes t-shirt). 

Until then, we've got a casual fans' guide to get you (or your friends and family) up to speed for Tokyo. Check that out below...and check back next week for the best coverage of the best meet of the year.
We Hope You're Excited About the Olympics
The Casual Fan’s Guide to Track & Field at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics
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Drink LMNT Free Trial is Baaaack!
It takes two minutes and you pay only $5 shipping. LMNT provides essential electrolytes without sugar, artificial ingredients, coloring, or any other junk. Claim your free 7-packet sample pack by going to DrinkLMNT.com/LetsRun

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