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It's been a week of records. On Sunday, Yalemzerf Yehualaw of Ethiopia ran 63:44 to smash the half marathon world record and become the first woman under 64 minutes. That same weekend, in Poland, Lithuania's Aleksandr Sorokin ran 192.25 miles to break the world record for most distance covered in 24 hours (that's 7:29 mile pace for a full day!).

Will we see some more records at today's Memorial Van Damme Diamond League meet in Brussels?

Probably not. And you know what? That's okay. Initially this meet was scheduled to have Jakob Ingebrigtsen, Karsten Warholm, and Sifan Hassan, the latter chasing the 10,000-meter world record she briefly held earlier this year. Now Ingebrigtsen and Warholm, citing fatigue, have withdrawn and Hassan has called off the record attempt and switched to the mile.

As much as we love record attempts, there's no reason to be upset here. Ingebrigtsen looked exhausted after his 3000m win in Lausanne last week. Ditto Hassan in her 5000m win at the Pre Classic. Warholm, running the 400 in Lausanne, lacked his usual explosiveness. Sometimes it's worth remembering that those unforgettable Olympic moments can come with a cost: an incredible amount of hard work and intensity in the buildup and at the Games themselves.

So to Ingebrigtsen and Warholm (and Hassan too, we guess -- just one race is a light workload by her standards), we say: rest up (you've earned it), and when you return, return at your best. Because that is what the fans really want to see.
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