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Did we fool you last week?

Sorry to disappoint, but Usain Bolt isn't coming out of retirement. World Athletics isn't adding a ring of fire to the infield. And we did not secure an exclusive interview with Jerry Schumacher (one day, hopefully!).

This week, we have real topics to discuss. Like the US Olympic Trials. The new Hayward Field is open, and it looks incredible. Heck, even Magic Johnson is excited about the Trials!

As of today, we are exactly 10 weeks out from the Trials, so what better time to kick off LetsRun.com's Road to the Olympic Trials series?

Over the next 70 days, we'll be rolling out a series of special articles to get you set for the greatest track meet on American soil. For our first entry, the LetsRun braintrust has made our (probably too early) Olympic picks. You might agree, you might disagree (if you do, feel free to chime in on the messageboard). But hopefully reading our picks gets your juices flowing for what should be a terrific spring of competition.

Speaking of competition, many of the world's top sprinters will be in Florida this weekend to open up their season at the Miramar Invitational. Centro and Ajee' Wilson are scheduled to make appearances too. It's gonna be fun! (And it will give us something to talk about as the 2021 outdoor season gathers momentum.) 

Time to start paying attention -- the Trials will be here before you know it.

PS: Magic, they're in Eugene from June 18-27.
Outdoor Track Is Back
There’s an Insane Sprint Meet in Florida on Saturday — Grant Holloway, Justin Gatlin, & Ajee’ Wilson Are All Entered
Double Olympic champ Elaine Thompson-Herah, world record holder Keni Harrison, and Sha'Carri Richardson will also be in action.
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Can a Mouthpiece Make You a Better Runner? (Ad)
The AIRWAAV performance mouthpiece is a relatively new training tool that launched late in 2020 after nearly 16 years of research. The AIRWAAV performance mouthpiece fits along your bottom teeth and pushes your jaw just forward enough to create the "optimal airway opening," resulting in:
  • Increased endurance -- by reducing respiratory rate by 20%, resulting in less lactic acid production
  • Increased strength -- by improving muscular endurance
  • Faster recovery times -- by reducing cortisol buildup by up to 50%
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The LetsRun.com Braintrust Picks the 2020 US Olympic Team
With 10 weeks to go until the US Olympic Trials, LRC co-founders Robert and Weldon Johnson and LRC staff writer Jonathan Gault make their picks for who will represent Team USA in Tokyo in every distance event.
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Do Your Part to Save the Sport
Willie Banks Is Doing His Part to Save Track and Field And He Needs Your Help
Willie Banks as an athlete did his part to promote the sport by jumping far and entertaining (he invented the rhythmic clap). Now he's an administrator and wants your input to try and grow the sport we all love. Fill out a quick online survey to help him out.
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Olympic Marathon News
RRW: World Athletics Was Hoping To Have 160 Athletes in The Olympic Marathon, 183 Have Already Qualified as A Result of The Super Shoes
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RRW: Great Britain Controversially Picks Final 2 Women’s Olympic Marathoners – Did They Make The Right Call?
Charlotte Purdue was left off the team despite having a marathon pb (2:25:38) more than a minute faster than Steph Twell (2:26:40). If we'd picked the team, we might have picked Twell and Purdue and left off the fastest of the bunch, Jess Piasecki (2:25:29), as a messageboard poster claims her pb came on a short course.
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