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How much are you willing to pay for a track meet?

It's not a new question, as anyone who has shelled out for a FloTrack, RunnerSpace, or NBC Sports Gold subscription in recent years would tell you. But unlike those services, which charge a monthly/annual fee for access to a number of meets, this weekend's Sound Running Track Meet is following the boxing/pro wrestling model: a one-time $5.99 payment for a single event. All of that money -- after production costs are covered -- goes back to the athletes in the form of prize money.

Is pay-per-view a better model than subscription streaming services? Only time will tell, but it's exciting to see someone try a new idea.

And what will that $5.99 buy you? Well some of the biggest names -- Matthew Centrowitz, Elle Purrier, Trayvon Bromell -- will be competing during the ESPN TV window, which isn't behind the PPV paywall. But if you want to see Conner Mantz in the 10,000 tonight or Lopez Lomong and Sifan Hassan in the 5,000's tomorrow, you'll have to pony up. How many people will? We're eager to find out.
Holy *$#@
Yared Nuguse SOLOES 3:34 Olympic Qualifier in ACC Prelim!
His time of 3:34.68 also broke the NCAA record set earlier this year by Washington's Sam Tanner.
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Track Meet Preview
Will PPV Work? How Will Centro Look? 6 Big Questions Ahead of 2021 Sound Running Track Meet
The distance races at this weekend's Track Meet in LA are stacked, and Jonathan Gault has questions about Lopez Lomong, Matthew Centrowitz, Conner Mantz, Sifan Hassan, and Sinclaire Johnson.
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Drink LMNT Free Trial is Baaaack!
It takes two minutes and you pay only $5 shipping. LMNT provides essential electrolytes without sugar, artificial ingredients, coloring, or any other junk. Claim your free 7-packet sample pack by going to DrinkLMNT.com/LetsRun

Wejo loves LMNT. He will personally refund your $5 if you don't like it.
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The NCAA Data Is In: The Super Spike Effect Is Real, Starting In The 1500
We've compared the 2021 and 2019 NCAA times and the distance times are faster in 2021, while the sprint times are not, showing the super spike impact is real.
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This Week's Podcast
Alicia Monson Talks Olympic Trials, Sean McGorty Future of the Steeple?, Nuguse Over Hocker, Huddle Done?
Listen to the LetsRun.com team tell you what you need to know about the running world.
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